What Kind of Stress Do You Have?

Stress. We all have it and experience it in our everyday lives. Based on study by the American Psychological Association in August 2012, 35 percent of Americans said their stress level increased this past year. We live in a fast-forward lifestyle. You know, not so many years ago when VHS tape was the video option of choice and … Read more

Spit shine: How saliva testing can stop fatigue

Four point cortisol test

What is Saliva Testing and What Can it Tell Me About My Health? One of the most common tests I recommend my clients undergo to assess their hormone levels is saliva testing. But what is it and what can your saliva tell you about your health that a blood test can’t?   Stress and Hormones … Read more

Fibromyalgia? Why it Might Be Adrenal Fatigue Instead


  While the symptoms of what’s been labeled as fibromyalgia are very real, the cause of this painful syndrome remains unknown. Yet today’s physicians pass the diagnosis out to their patients like candy. When this happens, it usually means your doctor has given up on trying to find out why your body is crying out … Read more