Can you have control over abundance?

Just a short time ago I thought that abundance was something that just happened.  Sort of like luck (or the weather), abundance seemed like something that a person had no control over whatsoever.  You work hard, you struggle, and you hope. Now I know that there is one sure-fire, struggle-free way to reliably create abundance. … Read more

Do You Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed?

If you have more stress in your life than you can deal with, isn’t it time to take action?  As we discussed last week in our blog “Is Your Bucket Full?” it’s time to empty the bucket and start introducing healthy activities, nutrition, and habits to carry on to a new and healthy you. Sleep … Read more

Is Your Bucket Full?

Have you ever left a running garden hose in a bucket for too long and it overflows, getting all of the things around it wet, flowing down the hill, into the street and seems to run forever? The water has nowhere to go so it went where it could and disrupted everything in its path. … Read more

30 days to a better boss—without changing jobs

Everything is possible

How you see the world affects your health—and vice versa Are you someone whose glass is half empty or half full (or, if you are an engineer is the glass simply too big)?  Did you come into the world like this (nature), or was it your upbringing (nurture)?  I have another idea—maybe it’s your health … Read more

Spit shine: How saliva testing can stop fatigue

Four point cortisol test

What is Saliva Testing and What Can it Tell Me About My Health? One of the most common tests I recommend my clients undergo to assess their hormone levels is saliva testing. But what is it and what can your saliva tell you about your health that a blood test can’t?   Stress and Hormones … Read more

Stress and Finances: What is Your Health Worth?

Invest in yourself Your health is one of your most important assets. Without a healthy body, functioning at your fullest potential isn’t just difficult, it’s near impossible. So when financial times are tough, investing in your health is the best thing you can do for yourself. Why? Because you can’t afford not to. Numerous studies … Read more