Is Your Bucket Full?

Have you ever left a running garden hose in a bucket for too long and it overflows, getting all of the things around it wet, flowing down the hill, into the street and seems to run forever? The water has nowhere to go so it went where it could and disrupted everything in its path. … Read more

Is a Detox Program Right for You? How to Detox Without Putting Your Health at Risk

Is detox right for you?

There are a number of detox programs on the market today. Many of which involve extreme food and beverage restrictions. While cleansing your body of harmful toxins can help improve your energy level and health, attempting such an intense detox program on your own can put your health at risk.   Many of today’s detox … Read more

Stress and Finances: What is Your Health Worth?

Invest in yourself Your health is one of your most important assets. Without a healthy body, functioning at your fullest potential isn’t just difficult, it’s near impossible. So when financial times are tough, investing in your health is the best thing you can do for yourself. Why? Because you can’t afford not to. Numerous studies … Read more