More than Exhaustion: Suicidal Thoughts & Burnout

With Kate Spade’s recent passing, suicide is top of mind for many. There is lots of discussion (a good thing!), some “shoulding”–such as “she should’ve reached out for help!” (a judgmental reaction), and a fair amount of victim blaming (a really judgmental reaction). This situation brought to my mind something people don’t typically talk about: … Read more

Recognize it. Accept it. Find it.

How’ve you been doing in recognizing and accepting the support you already have in your life? Not so great? Not to worry. This week I will pick up where we left off and go into a bit more detail on each of the main types of support available. This is a big deal because recognizing … Read more

Feel like it’s you against the world?

For those of us prone to burnout it’s easy to feel alone in the world. Key to a safe, permanent and fast recovery is identifying and accepting the support we already have in our lives and if necessary, finding new sources of support. Generally, when we say ‘support’ we are talking about social support; the … Read more

Dr. Clark’s interview with Eric Michaels of eHealth Radio Network

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Eric Michaels of eHealth Radio.  You can listen to the interview at For your convenience, I’ve included the transcript below.  Enjoy!     Voiceover: This is the eHealth Radio Network, your source for health advice on demand, and now your host, Eric Michaels.     Eric: … Read more