What happens if you do nothing?

Adrenal fatigue is caused by chronic stress.   In our previous blog “What is Stress?” we described the 3 main types of stress that people experience.  It’s important that you identify what stress you are experiencing most often and begin to be mindful of your body and how you are feeling at any current moment.   If … Read more

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Does that sound like someone you know?  We all get sick, we all get tired, but some of us seem to always be sick &/or tired.  And many of those fatigued and barely functioning out there have had enough—if only they could muster enough energy to be outraged. If you are someone who suffers from … Read more

Spit shine: How saliva testing can stop fatigue

Four point cortisol test

What is Saliva Testing and What Can it Tell Me About My Health? One of the most common tests I recommend my clients undergo to assess their hormone levels is saliva testing. But what is it and what can your saliva tell you about your health that a blood test can’t?   Stress and Hormones … Read more