Is Your Bucket Full?

Have you ever left a running garden hose in a bucket for too long and it overflows, getting all of the things around it wet, flowing down the hill, into the street and seems to run forever? The water has nowhere to go so it went where it could and disrupted everything in its path. … Read more

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Does that sound like someone you know?  We all get sick, we all get tired, but some of us seem to always be sick &/or tired.  And many of those fatigued and barely functioning out there have had enough—if only they could muster enough energy to be outraged. If you are someone who suffers from … Read more

30 days to a better boss—without changing jobs

Everything is possible

How you see the world affects your health—and vice versa Are you someone whose glass is half empty or half full (or, if you are an engineer is the glass simply too big)?  Did you come into the world like this (nature), or was it your upbringing (nurture)?  I have another idea—maybe it’s your health … Read more